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Take advantage of our expertise in * Professional Staffing * Effective Marketing
Professional & Successful Auctions * Fine Arts & Decorative Arts * Estates & Antiques
Business Asset Evaluation & Liquidation * Real Estate Auctions & Foreclosures
Also Specializing in Elder Care & Medicaid issues in regards to Asset Distribution as well as Liquidation 

and Real Estate Sales

At Luper Auction Galleries you can add to that definition a rich history which allows us to accurately appraise to fair market conditions, an extensive record of serving as a court appointed expert witnesses in both Federal and State courts and a highly qualified staff with expertise in all areas of appraisals.


Why Auction ?
Auctions are the most efficient and equitable way for a Fiduciary, Trustee or Executor to handle the liquidation of a client’s estate. Auctions are a unique way to sell items in a competitive atmosphere that provides many advantages to the Seller and Executor. Not only are items properly identified and comparatively estimated at no charge, but Auctions offer a better alternative for ensuring all items are disposed of at market prices.

Some of the benefits of selling at auction include...

  • Timely and efficient disposal of property

  • Coordinated approach to asset liquidation/management

  • Access to expert staff to identify and evaluate items

  • Up-to-date information on current market/conditions and trends

  • Greater exposure to regional/national & international markets


Estate auctions can benefit all sellers from those with an entire estate to those who have one or two items to sell. A Luper Auction Specialist can handle all the details associated with evaluating and disposing of your client’s assets.

Klee Painting

A Past Auction Item !
PAUL KLEE "Gelagert" , 1937, Watercolor on Paper
Sold for $163,000 in 2011

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