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"A professional auction is the fast, profitable way to sell real estate"

Commercial * Residential * Rural Land * Industrial   

Sales * Listing * Leasing & Management

Throughout Virginia & North Carolina 

 Real Estate Auctions for Conservators, Executors & Estates, Foreclosures & Bank REO Properties.

Luper Real Estate Services is fully licensed to list and sell commercial, industrial and residential, as well as undeveloped or rural land in both Virginia and North Carolina. In addition, Luper also operates in several other states (Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware, West Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina) depending on our clients needs.

In either a "buyer's market" or “seller’s market economy”, selling at auction can be the best and highest profitability method of disposing of real estate today. Whether motivating Buyer’s with a definite sale date or setting up an offer bidding scenario between competitive buyers, Auctions continue to bring above market prices for property offered.

Owners of most Real Estate, such as commercial, industrial and residential, as well as undeveloped or rural land- too often take the traditional selling route.


They list the property in their local newspapers, or try to sell it with even slower methods, like signs, direct mail, or word of mouth. Some property takes a year to sell. Some never sells. 

In today’s "buyer's market economy", that selling method can be costly, so don’t wait for the buyer to motivate themselves.  One of the best real estate sales methods today is a professional auction.


  • The owner is given a definite sale date. He knows when his property will be sold, and that he will receive payment soon after.

  • The property receives a concentrated, aggressive advertising campaign and draws a maximum number of prospects to the sale.

  • Auctions stimulate competitive buying. Auctions create a sense of urgency. People come ready to buy. This tends to result in a sale that is higher than that produced by traditional methods.

  • By bringing potential buyers together to compete with other, the seller often gets a higher price- one that reflects the fair market value of the property. But this works to the buyer's benefit, too, because he can see that he is paying the fair market price.

  • Personal property, equipment, machinery, and other items can be sold at the time of the real estate auction sale.

  • And, because an auction is usually completed in a short time period, funds are available to the seller sooner than with traditional selling methods. This is especially important when liquidity is needed immediately.

  • There are many more valid reasons why professional auction selling is the answer to your needs. Why not allow Luper to handle your Sale needs?


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