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Luper Companies will expertly handle every aspect of your client’s property.

Let Luper Companies professional knowledgeable staff assist with the management of your client’s entire estate, both the personal and real property. Our company has an excellent history with Financial Institutions and Executors along the East Coast in handling all types of individual and business dissolutions.

We are committed to providing each client with a personalized plan specifically tailored to meet their needs. A Luper Personal Consignment Specialist will work directly with you to identify and outline your client’s specific needs.

Some of the Estate Services we offer include...

  • Estate and Death Tax Appraisals

  • Appraisal Support and Expert Witness Testimony

  • Pre-evaluation of Estate Properties including but not limited to Equitable Distribution of Assets to Heirs or Liquidation

  • Distribution and Liquidation of Estate Assets

    • Auction (in our Gallery or On Premises)

    • Estate or Tag Sales

    • Private Sales

    • International Worldwide Online Auctions

    • Distribution of heirlooms to beneficiaries

  • Specializing in the Listing, Sale and Auction of Estate Real Estate

    • Life or Death Estates

    • Guardianships and Conservatorships

    • Personal & Revocable trust

    • Residential and Commercial Foreclosures

    • Bankruptcies

    • Partition Suits

    • Municipality and Tax Sales

  • Worldwide Sales and Marketing

    •  Local and Virginia Markets through Print, Email and Mailing List

    • Regional, National and International Markets through International Auction Services such as Invaluable * Auction Zip and Live Auctioneer’s, national publications, Sotheby’s Affiliation, Web Sites and other online venues.

  • Complete Storage and Shipping for Beneficiaries

  • Fast, Detailed Account Settlement

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